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Theatre for ALL
Make Art. Build Community.
Arts for All's theatre programming  is built upon the core belief that at its best, theatre is a catalyst for change in communities. We select and present works that promote growth and inspire calls to action to strengthen our community. 

From the first class session or rehearsal to the final bow and strike, theatre at Arts for All is about building community through empathy and empowerment to make change one choice at a time.

PRODUCTIONS & Workshops :

September 2018 Teacher Penned Play Festival
October 2018 Unarmed & Dangerous - workshop and reading

December 2018 Ferris Wheel
June 2019 I & You

September 2019 2nd Teacher Penned Play Festival
September 2020 3rd Annual Teacher Penned Play Festival 
August 7, 2021 12 Nights !
September 2021 4th Annual Teacher Penned Play Festival 
May 2022 Dear Elizabeth

August 2022 Hamlet (Abridged and Possibly Improved)
September 2022 5th Annual Teacher-Penned Play Festival

November 2022 Office Hours - workshop and reading
July 29-30, 2023 Macbeth - TOTB
September 2023 6th Annual Teacher-Penned Play Festival

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